How to Help Kids Love Reading

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It’s been proven time and time again that children who enjoy reading are more likely to succeed at school and throughout their lives. Reading expands horizons and feeds imaginations. If you’re not an avid reader yourself, why not embark on the journey with your children together?

Here are some top tips to get your kids fired up about fiction and fascinated by facts…

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Reading shouldn’t be restricted to bedtime, or sitting on the sofa at home. Next time you’re out and about as a family pack some books or magazines in a bag. You could pull these out when you’re waiting for a bus or taking a train journey. Encourage your child to read when you’re doing activities such as shopping, ordering food from a menu or following road signs.

Find out what they love

One of the best ways to get children hooked on books is to find reading materials that are linked to their interests. Is your son a football fan? Encourage him to read the sports pages of the newspaper or a football magazine. Does your daughter love animals? Why not suggest she checks out websites about different dog breeds.

Make reading cool

Your children are still young enough to be impressed by you (the teenage years are another story!) so this is the perfect opportunity to become a reading role model. If you can show your children that you get great personal enjoyment out of reading, chances are they will too.

Where to start?

With so many great books to choose from, what better place to start than with the 18 books shortlisted for this year’s Waterstones Children’s Book Prize? The special focus of the Prize is to uncover talent relatively fresh to children’s literature, divided into three categories – Picture Books, Younger Fiction and Older Fiction, so there is sure to be something here to suit every taste. And if that isn’t enough, we also have three new titles out this month as recommended by Waterstones!

Illustrated Books

Younger Fiction

Older Fiction

New this Month

For more information about the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize
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