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Introducing Suma Wholefoods

Written by Family247

We’re Suma and we’ve been supplying natural, responsibly-sourced food since 1977. We’re the UK’s biggest worker’s co-operative; Europe’s largest single-pay employer, and we’re very proud of these facts. We’ve been in business for nearly forty years, and are based in a small town in West Yorkshire. Our location may be small and quaint, but our work is not. We stock over 7,000 products: ambient, chilled and frozen. From canned foods to body care, dried foods to household products, we deliver globally, week in, week out.

Here’s a little bit more about what’s important to us:

Vegetarian: We are 100% vegetarian, always have been, always will be. Everything from our sweets to our toothbrushes. That means no meat, no fish and no animal derived nasties such as gelatine or rennet. We believe that vegetarian food is healthy for our bodies, environmentally sustainable and hopefully helps us do our bit for climate change.

Co-operative: We are not like a traditional business. We are a worker’s co-operative. Owned and managed by the workforce, we’re proud to offer equal pay and an equal say in the business for all. We have a thoroughly democratic management system, that isn’t bound by conventional methods of hierarchy. We collectively share the jobs that need doing, whatever they happen to be.

Environment: All our products and services are responsibly sourced. We’re aware we leave a carbon footprint, so we try our best to offset these omissions through planting trees with Treesponsibility, who have granted us carbon neutral status. We take back packaging from our customers, and where we can’t reuse, we recycle. Our offices are fitted with motion sensor lights; we use a hybrid fuel car for customer visits and we track and route-plan our deliveries, so every mile matters.

Organic: We are proud to have brought the first organic tinned tomatoes to the UK in the early nineties and organic tinned sweetcorn to the UK after that. We stock organic versions of everything we can and are licensees of the Soil Association, celebrating and supporting Organic September annually.

Fairtrade: We acknowledge our responsibility towards the growers of the food we sell, and are longstanding licensees of the Fairtrade Foundation. Our commitment to Fairtrade is held on a belief in a universal right to economic justice, self-empowerment and freedom from exploitation. We stock over 650 Fairtrade products, and support Fairtrade Fortnight. We work with a number of Fairtrade suppliers globally, and our warehouse and offices are based in a Fairtrade town.

Cruelty Free: All of our body care, cosmetics and cleaning products are cruelty-free. This means that no animal testing is conducted within the trials, development and creation of the products. Many carry the UK Leaping Bunny cruelty free symbol. Our ranges use naturally-occurring fragrances, have nothing nasty such as chemicals added, and are all vegetarian, with a selection of vegan options available also.

Visit www.suma.coop today!