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Wake Me Up Before You Koko!

Written by Family247

Try these three delicious, dairy free breakfasts with Koko Dairy Free Original Milk and Koko Dairy Free Plain Yogurt

Dairy Free? Yes. Full of Flavour? Oh yes!

For the perfect Koko Dairy Free breakfast simply pour Koko Dairy Free Original on your favourite granola or muesli, a delicious and nutritious way to start your day on busy mornings.

For something a little more special when you have a bit more time, why not try Pancakes topped with Koko Dairy Free Plain yogurt and blueberries or a Berrilicious Breakfast Smoothie? Incredibly tasty, very healthy and dairy free!

Pancakes with Blueberries


150g Plain Gluten Free Flour

2 large eggs

250ml Koko Dairy Free Original Milk

Pinch of salt


Koko Dairy Free Plain yogurt



In a bowl mix the flour, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt, then whisk to a smooth batter. Set aside for 30 mins to rest.

Put a medium frying pan on a medium heat and carefully wipe the pan with some oiled kitchen paper.

When pan is hot, cook the pancakes for 1 minute on each side or until golden.

Slide the pancake onto a plate & start on the next pancake.

Serve with Koko Dairy Free Plain yogurt and blueberries.


Berrilicious Breakfast Smoothie

Serves two


1 medium banana

1 small pear

150g blueberries

3 dates (optional)

120g Koko Dairy Free Plain yogurt

200ml Koko Dairy Free Original.


Peal banana and cut the stalk off the pear and put all ingredients into a Smoothie Maker.

Blend for 3 minutes or until mixture is smooth.

Pour into your favourite chilled glass, and for an optional extra garnish with fresh mint leaves and chia seeds.

Koko Dairy Free Original

Koko Dairy Free Original is a coconut based milk with a delicious fresh, light and neutral taste.

And, with only 27 calories per 100ml it’s lighter than skimmed milk. It is great in tea or coffee, on breakfast cereals, mixed up in a smoothie, as a refreshing, cold drink, or used in cooking. We only use coconuts from our family’s plantations which are pressed within hours of picking providing a freshness which leaves only a slight hint of natural coconut taste. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised by the similarity it has to dairy milk.

Koko Diary Free Original is available from all major Supermarkets and Health stores from £1.50 for 1 Litre.

Koko Dairy Free Plain Yogurt

 Koko Dairy Free Plain is a delicious yogurt alternative with a soft, fresh taste and light silky texture. It is made with freshly pressed coconut milk and live dairy free cultures and is perfect with fruit or breakfast cereals, mixed up in a healthy smoothie and in dips, baking and cooking.

Koko Dairy Free Plain is available from £1.85 for 500g in all major supermarkets.

Both products are dairy free, soya free, gluten free and suitable for vegans, vegetarians. They are also free from artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives.

For more information about the whole Koko Dairy Free range and lots of tasty recipes, visit www.kokodairyfree.com