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The Benefits of Festive Frozen Food

Written by Family247

Frozen food can offer a range of benefits that can be the key to having a fantastic Christmas with all the family.

Frozen is family friendly

The festive period is time to be spent with the family but more often than not you’re stuck in the kitchen preparing and making food. Food preparation can really eat into valuable time, with all the peeling of veg, mixing of stuffing and carving of turkeys that has to be done.

So whether you’re cooking from scratch or getting a helping hand, the frozen food aisle has an ever expanding array of delicious, affordable products to help you make the most of your Christmas.

Whether it’s using base ingredients like pre-prepared frozen veg, herbs and spices to construct your own dish, or buying foods such as mini salmon wellingtons, crackling pork leg joints and cheese soufflés. With all these fantastic products now available from the frozen aisle, offering high quality ingredients has never been so easy and can allow you to get out of the kitchen and enjoy Christmas, whilst still treating the whole family.

Financial benefits of frozen

During the festive season family budgets can become stretched, so being able to cut costs can be vital. Research has shown that families can save more than £400 per year simply by switching to frozen.

This extra money saved can help to ease financial concerns and ensure that families are still provided with high quality, nutritious food.

As well as offering great value for money, frozen food can also help families to cut down their food bills further by reducing food waste.

Frozen food can be stored for several months without losing any of its goodness and can stop uneaten food from being thrown away each week. The average person spends nearly £40 per month on food that ends up in the bin, so by purchasing more frozen food this figure can be significantly reduced.

In addition, frozen ingredients can be bought pre-portioned, allowing for portions to be easily managed and food waste kept to a minimum. Items such as fruit and vegetables, herbs, fish and meat can be easily separated and cooked-up, with any unused food being placed back in the freezer to use next time.

Great nutrition

As well as its significant financial benefits, frozen food can also offer exceptional nutritional value and flavour. Freezing is one of the oldest forms of food preservation techniques and can help to seal in freshness and lock in all those nutrients, ensuring no goodness is lost on its way from being frozen to making it into your shopping trolley.

This is backed up by nutritional analysis research which demonstrates that there is no significant nutritional difference between frozen and fresh alternatives and that frozen food is as effective as fresh in providing family nutrition*.

Also, because freezing is a natural preservative it means that frozen products do not contain artificial preservatives found in some fresh and ambient products.

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* Research from Centre for Food Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University 2012