Family Kitchen

6 Quick Tips for ‘Veganising’ Dishes

Written by Family247

Making food vegan is incredibly easy – here are 8 simple short cuts:

  1. Swap the cheese on the pizza vegan cheese (available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Holland & Barrett) and top with lots of vegetables and olives
  2. Swap meat, fish or paneer in a curry for chickpeas or lentils
  3. Cashew nuts can be used to add protein and flavour to stir-fried vegetables and rice noodles
  4. Dairy-free spread (such as Flora Dairy-free, Pure or Vitalite) and soya milk can be used to make mashed potatoes creamy
  5. Vegetable soup can be served with a swirl of soya cream, or for an indulgent option, you can create one using coconut milk
  6. Garlic bread can be created using dairy-free spread or olive oil
  7. Dairy-free spread and other vegetable fats can be used in baking, and there are many foods that can replace eggs, including banana, jam, apple sauce and tofu
  8. A lot of ready-made roll-out pastry is accidentally vegan. If you glaze it using soya milk, the dish can easily be turned vegan