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Summer Holiday Activities – World Calligraphy Day August 16th

Written by Family247

Where: The Pen Museum in Birmingham –

When: August 16th 11.a.m – 4p.m.

Entry: FREE!

What is it: Launched by the Manuscript Pen Company, the first ever World Calligraphy Day is the celebration of the history, penmanship and progressive product development of all things calligraphy and hand lettering related.

What’s On: Visitors can explore the Pen Museum and learn about the many pen companies of Birmingham and the history of the trade starting from quills and dip pens to the modern day fountain pen. Step back in time and try your hand at creating your very own steel pen nib using traditional machinery.

Take part and learn from the experts in designated workshops and demonstrations in the ‘Artist Hub’ on the multitude of different writing styles taking the world by storm! Try different types of writing instruments and find the pen for you.

Whether you are an expert, a beginner who’s just getting started or simply an admirer of beautiful writing, you can join Manuscript and celebrated artists including Modern Calligrapher Joyce Lee of Artsynibs, Graphic Designer and Calligrapher Alice Mazilli of Ampersand Alice, Artist, Designer and Lettering Specialist Rob Draper, Traditional Calligrapher Stephen Duckett, Contemporary Italian Calligrapher Sandro Bonomo, and many more.

Highlights: Handwriting Workshop for children with Alice Mazilli of Ampersand Alice

Just because it’s the holidays, that doesn’t mean your kids have to put their pens away! Keep them writing this summer and learn handwriting techniques that will put them at the top of their class. Give them a head start for the new school term and let Alice teach them top tips to improve their handwriting style. Never get complaints for having messy handwriting again!

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