B2S Stationery Back to School Reviews

STABILO Back to School Reviews

Written by Family247

Our crack team of reviewers put the STABILO power, Trio FRUTTI, Aquacolor and pointMax through their paces!

Regardless of your age, we all love using a new pen or pencil for the first time. Putting a new pen or pencil to a clean sheet of paper is a wonderful sensation, enjoying the fit, the feel and the pure ‘writing’ of it – that sense that it is custom made for you. When a child is either learning to write and draw, or is developing their writing and drawing skills, it is critical that their pen or pencil is the correct size and weight.

For most children, it is also important that their writing instruments are fun, look cool and inspire their creativity. For STABILO, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, ergonomic (efficiency and comfort) design and unique innovation has always been at the forefront of their writing instruments. So, when we told our review team that this year’s selection from STABILO’S back to school range included pencils you could use with water and pens that smelt of fruit, they were intrigued and more than a little excited……


Reviewer: Maisy, age 6

Maisy says: These pens are perfect for drawing and colouring with really bright colours. Every pen was so easy to use. Mummy asked me to leave the top off one of them for two days and it still worked!


Reviewer: Jack, age 10

Jack says: They really do smell of fruit – my favourite is the strawberry. They colours are very bright and they are easy to draw and colour in with. I found them very comfortable to grip correctly. It was good fun smelling the paper after I had finished. The ink also washes off my hands very easily.

STABILO Aquacolor

Reviewer: Pia, age 11

Pia says: I loved drawing with these pencils. There are loads of colours to choose from and when you wet the paper it looks like paint – it’s magic! I can’t wait to use them at school.

STABILO pointMax

Reviewer: Max, age 14

Max says: These pens have a brilliant name, but I suppose that’s not really the point! (ahem, I’ll make the jokes thank you Max – ed). I really enjoyed using these pens. They feel comfortable in my hand and the fine point makes it easy to be accurate. I like the huge range of colours. The ink flow is consistent and these are pens I will enjoy writing with.

For more information about the STABILO range visit www.stabilo.co.uk