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Back to School with Zebra Pen

Written by Family247

Being prepared is half the battle and Zebra Pen understands the importance of getting it right for the first day back at school

ZEBRA logoYour child will be starting a fresh new academic year and will want to do their best. To help them feel the part a new set of pens in a swish new pencil case is very important. Zebra knows the excitement of being faced with the blank pages of a brand new notebook ready to be scribbled on with new ideas. This is why Zebra is providing you with some top tips in the world of writing, to help you make the best choices for your child’s future.

Top tip number 1: Having a smooth and comfortable pen that fits your child’s hand is very important for the development of their handwriting and in turn their cognitive functioning.  Therefore, give the Z-Grip series a go:

Z-Grip SmoothZ-grip Max

Top tip number 2: Reduce smudging of ink on a page so notes are easier to read by using a Sarasa quick drying gel ink pen. Also ideal for left handers as it accommodates their writing technique.


Top tip number 3: Mistakes happen so be prepared and have an easy solution. The Z-Grip Erasable Gel Ink pen has custom ink that erases with ease when you use the eraser on the tip of the cap. Correct the mistake straight away then write over the same space.


So now you know… Zebra’s handy secrets to getting the ‘back to school mission’ right!

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