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Back to School Stationery Buying Tips

Back to School Stationery
Written by Family247

The one thing that most children look forward to about the new school year is all the cool new stuff they hope to get for their pencil case!

With so many fantastic products available, from pens and pencils to folders, notebooks and essentials such as rulers and rubbers, school children today are literally spoilt for choice! This is a good thing but it can present a bit of a challenge for us parents with such a wide range to choose from. Later this month we will be pinpointing some products that we really like and in the meantime here our top tips for shopping for school stationery.


Get a list of stationery requirements from school so you can sort the ‘must haves’ from the ‘nice to haves’! Set a budget and make a list, prioritizing the essentials above funky gadgets which will help ensure you don’t overspend.


Once you are happy with your list, check what items you already have that can still be used – there’s no point buying new things just for the sake of it. Notepads, folders, pencil sharpeners may still be usable for the new school year – work together with your child on this – some of the money you save not having to purchase these essentials can be used for something that they really want but don’t particularly need.


An excellent by product of having a prepared shopping list is being able to compare prices amongst the retailers. For the likes of the supermarkets and stationery specialists such as WH Smiths, and Ryman’s, back to school is one of their most important sales periods and they invest a lot of time to ensure that they have a unique and differentiated offer to entice you in. A bit of time spent on research can save a lot of money on your overall spend.


The stationery you buy for them is going to be used every day by your child so it makes sense to get them things they actually like. Be firm regards budget but getting them involved in the decision making process will give them a sense of ownership of the products in their pencil case and in turn they will hopefully take more care of them!

By following these sensible steps, buying school stationery should be straightforward, not too expensive and will result in a happy pupil getting ready for the new school year.